Woooooh! Did you accidently land-up here or you are dead serious about knowing us? Why do we ask that you may wonder? It’s because usually there’s not that much buzz around here as many of our customers are busy exploring our other cool pages and millions of designs and dozens of products that we have to offer. But if you’ve come here to know us better then we are very thankful to have customers like you who want to connect with their brand.

Welcome to the Elite Club!

What’s with the name ‘The Bachelor Store’, you might wonder?

When you ask google baba about the definition of ‘Bachelor’ it actually throws two of them;

  • a man who is not and has never been married
  • a person who holds a first degree from a university or other academic institution

When you are on our page and read that you actually find it funny, damn funny. Since our brand doesn’t represent that. We would like to add a new definition to that list by defining it as;

“A person (man or woman), could be married or not, could be a degree holder or not, who is young from within and no matter what age he/ she is at but still feels like that teenager who is in college and living the single life to the fullest.”

When you read this definition of ours you might get all cosy and comfortable, just like our T-shirts. The quality that we provide is 100% super combed cotton, 180 gsm, double stitched, regular fit, Lycra ribbed neck, bio-washed material for a soft and silky fabric finish, along with superior colour brightness, just to name a few. And so much more, just at the price you demand.

With that being said, this store is specially curated for all those men and women, boys and girls, uncle and aunties, grandma’s and grand pops, who at some point had their stint towards experiencing the roller coaster life of a Bachelor. This is for those who still have that naughty Bachelor inside them, waiting for a chance to be unleashed!


We are a couple of guys (frankly only 2 of us) who are crazy about T-shirts, which probably occupies our entire wardrobe. Yes, we are the 90’s kids, one of us is married and the other is still a Bachelor who intends to carry that title till the end of times. All in short, we are T-shirts lovers just like you and have bought thousands of them both online and offline. We continued to test and order from many different brand labels only because we liked T-Shirt quality of some and print quality of other, T-shirt price of some and delivery time of others, after sales service of some and return/ refund policy of others. We wanted all under one roof and that was the whole fuel that made us start our own brand named ‘The Bachelor Store’. We don’t want you to do the same trial and error like us and hence curated this small by size, big by heart and huge by design store. Great men have said, love what you do and do what you love and that’s exactly what we have done by stepping onto that path to never turn back.